Axle Breathers

I tried my hand before at a DIY fording kit for my deuce back when it was mostly stock. Turns out the 1/4" OD tubing was too small for the vent system. I ran those small lines from the axles, transfer case and transmission vent ports all the way to the factory deuce air box.

This time I decided to leave the vents separate. Click here to view the Transfer Case Breather that I completed on 10/17/15. Now it was time for both axles. I used the same fuel filter for the highest point on each axle breather, but this time I opted for 3/8" braided tubing. Make sure to leave enough slack for axle movement.

O'Reilly Auto part number:
- MGD 33053 (MicroGard fuel filter)

Other parts required:
- 3/8" ID reinforced (braided) tubing
- 1/4" to 5/8" hose clamps
- 1/2" cushion clamp
- Grade 8 fastener

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