Transfer Case Breather

My factory transfer case starting leaving a wet spot where I parked after driving. After one particular drive I parked in my driveway and shut the engine off. Crawling under the deuce I saw a tiny bit of fluid seeping out of the transfer case shift shaft seal as well as the front edge of the inspection cover. I immediately thought that the breather/vent was clogged.

After a long process of removing the floor panel between the air ride seats as well as the panel above the transmission I gained access to the top of the transfer case. I removed the inspection cover, cleaned both surfaces, and applied a thin layer of the Right Stuff gasket maker. It only takes 5 mins to cure (no silicone). I removed the factory vent and I purchased a barb fitting, transmission hose, and a universal fuel filter from O'Reilly's. In my haste of installing the breather/vent I forgot to take good quality pics of what was installed under the floor plate between the air ride seats. If you can't make out what's in the dark pictures from underneath the deuce it's just a male thread fitting in the transfer case inspection cover that ends in a barb. I connected the transmission hose and a hose clamp at the barbed fitting. I drilled a hole in the floor plate and installed a rubber grommet. I added a 90 degree fitting for the hose to transition vertical into the floor plate. After spraying the hose with a shot of silicone spray I fed it into the grommet. I put the floor plates back between the seats. I connected all of the air hoses (left to right in the photos below = air ride passenger seat, front axle engagement cylinder, air chuck, Autometer air gauge in the dash, air ride driver seat). The fuel filter was connected to the other end of the transmission hose with a hose clamp. I attached the fuel filter to the back wall of the deuce cab with a rubber lined "cushion" clamp using a self tapping screw.

To test the breather/vent filter I put my mouth on the plastic end and gave it a blow. To my amazement I pressurized the transfer case. Not sure what human lungs can put out as far as pressure, but when I removed my lips I heard air rushing out of the filter. No kinks in the hose. Job done! I took the deuce on a long trip to my mom's house to trim trees down her driveway. Riding the governor the entire way at 55 mph I parked at her house. No leaks. Drove home the same way. No leaks. EXCELLENT!

O'Reilly Auto part numbers:
- MGD 33053 (MicroGard fuel filter)
- GAT 27061 (Gates 3/8" ID transmission oil cooler hose)

Other parts found loose in my toolbox (no part #):
- 45 degree barb fitting
- 90 degree barb fitting
- rubber grommet
- hose clamps

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