The best fabricator for all of your custom parts needs. Located in Pennsylvania, Kyle can make anything you can dream of for your military vehicle or other project. Black Rock made my 8 inch lift kit, 28 inch drop hitch, high steer arm, front/rear disc brakes, and custom engine mounts.
A forum with information for CUCV, Humvee, 6x6 trucks, 4x4 trucks, Unimog, Land Rover, M715, M35, M1009, trailers, HMMWV, M37, M151, and other military vehicles.
Your source for spin-on filter kits for M35s, all sorts of technical manuals, spare parts, vehicles for sale, etc.
A few technical articles of interest on this site (M35 oil pre-lube system, installing a battery equalizer, and a M35 wiring diagram).
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