Transfer Case Shifter Boot

While driving down the road in my bobbed deuce with the air conditioning blasting I would sometimes feel a hot gust of air. The obvious culprit was right beside me on the center floor tunnel. A slot roughly 1.5" wide x 6.5" long is cut out for the factory deuce transfer case shifter.

A quick search of the interwebz led me to a fellow military enthusiast's website, This deuce owner is both a scholar and a gentleman because he has a page that lists the part number and has pictures of his install! A trip to O'Reilly's and I brought the shifter boot home. I used an 1/8" drill bit to allow the use of self tapping screws. I didn't opt for the crappy screws included in the shifter boot packaging as they looked more like wood screws. I didn't use the top plate that fits around the upper boot area where the transfer case shift lever fits through. Just like the Bunker of Doom website states the upper plate cannot be used because it doesn't allow the transfer case shift lever to be shifted into low range (hits the floor and binds up).

O'Reilly Auto part number:
- MRG #9649

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