Train Horn

You knew this was bound to happen. The scale of the horn had to match the scale of the truck. I'm getting tired of people pulling out in front of me. A friend of mine found a guy selling a train horn on Facebook. I don't do Facebook. Never will. My friend sent me the seller's phone number and a few hours later I own a train horn. Much much cheaper than the $1,600 internet MSRP!

The horn is a Nathan Airchime K5LA and it is the loudest air horn setup on the planet. Scroll through the pictures and look at the decibel readings from 100 ft as well as 3 ft. Permanent hearing loss if you use it too close to people, so watch out for others in a parade. I haven't turned my governor up on the air compressor I use. It's set at 125 psi. The horns can take 150 psi. A typical locomotive has a 600 gallon air tank. This horn setup takes 70 scfm at wide open flow. My gear driven compressor only puts out 13.2 scfm. A rough calculation shows each one of my 2 air tanks holds just under 20 gallons. Let's estimate I have 30 gallons total. When I blow this horn for a little over 1 second my pressure drops by 15-20 psi. Need more air storage! I shouldn't need to blow it longer than that anyway.

Note: Not shown in the photos (for good reason) is the theft deterrent that was used to prevent the horns from walking away. Gotta protect your investment, right?

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