Spare Tire Rack Installed

02/20/15 - 03/22/15
Time to install the modified spare tire rack to the Deuce. I must repeat, No Harbor Freight crane for me!

The modified 5 ton spare tire rack was installed on my Deuce frame. Estimated weight of the 16R20 Michelin XZL tire + HEMTT rim = 550 lbs. At first we tried lifting the rim/tire up to the rack with a 3 ton chain fall, but we needed more head room. Next we tried a 1 ton chain fall, but it still wasn't enough. To get that last bit of tire onto the spare tire rack took my trusty 1-1/4 ton come-a-long and a second choker. It worked like a charm with no modifications to the davit arm. I will safety wire the t-bar nut and use a chain to the davit arm assembly to keep the spare tire from falling out of the rack.

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