Spare Tire Rack

Time to add a spare tire rack to the Deuce. No Harbor Freight crane for me!

I took a trip to Mississippi and met up with CSM Davis off the forum. I came back with a 5 ton spare tire rack, a few tool boxes, and a shifter assembly that turned out not to work for the Cummins/Allison swap. Once I got the rack home I found out it wasn't wide enough to fit a 16.00R20 Michelin XZL tire. A call to John Allison (local fabricator at my plant) and the spare tire rack was widened to fit the larger tire. The tie bar needed to be bent in a few strategic places to bend around the larger radius tire. Last modification was to bend the ears on the end plate to fit the larger width tire. Nothing a redneck with a Ford Expedition, angle finder, and a 10 lb sledge hammer can't fix!

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