Remote Oil Pressure Sender

Have you ever had that "pucker factor" moment while driving your pride and joy down the interstate when you think something horrible went wrong with the engine? I didn't think that the Cummins 12 valve (6BT) engine had suffered a catastrophic failure, but I noticed something wasn't right with the oil pressure gauge. You see, as I drive my bobbed deuce I check the gauges basically almost every mile. A lot can happen in 5,280 feet while driving at speed. :) You have to keep your eye on the gauges to make sure things are going well with the engine/batteries, especially on a highly modified vehicle like this. A stock vehicle not so much. Nothing goes wrong with Hondas, right?

While driving at top speed (56 mph) down the interstate I glanced down and the oil pressure gauge was no longer reading 75 psig like it should. Instead it started slowly dropping, then steady, then dropping, then bouncing around. Once it started bouncing around I knew the culprit was that the electric sender was going out. One negative to running solid poly engine mounts is that it vibrates a lot more than an engine that has rubber mounts that dampen the vibrations. The bourdon tube used in the electric oil pressure sender is susceptible to those increased vibrations, and after some time the vibrations kill it. Well, after 3400 miles with those solid motor mounts my electric oil pressure gauge sender died. I was only a few miles from home, and no other gauges were showing signs of engine issues.

Once at home I ordered the replacement electric oil pressure sender and a hose kit (both by Autometer) over the phone at my local O'Reilly's auto parts. Three days later my parts came in and no shipping charges. Very easy install as you can see in the pictures. Make sure to use teflon tape on the NPT (pipe thread) fittings, but not on the JIC flare end fittings. To increase the life of the replacement electric oil pressure sender I wrapped it in a thick foam and secured it to the deuce frame rail with a cushion clamp and single 3/8" bolt. I connected the same wiring ring terminal, started the deuce, and BAM! 75 psig again.

- A new pair of underwear (if the pucker factor was too much)
- Autometer 2242, 0-100 psig, Electrical Gauge Sender, Short Sweep (90 degrees)
- Autometer 3227, Stainless Steel tubing kit
- Teflon tape
- Foam tape
- Zip tie for routing SS line around engine bay
- 1 cushion clamp
- 1 bolt/nyloc nut/lock washer for cushion clamp to frame (3/8" x 3 inch)

- Hand tools (box wrenches)
- A friend (moral support always optional)

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