DIY Paint Job

02/02/13 - ?!#%
I've read about motorpool paintjobs. I only wanted a motorpool paintjob. Just scuff up the paint a little bit they said. Cut the loose chips off with a razor blade they said. Roll on the paint or shoot it with an airless sprayer they said. I know I'm an engineer, but something ELSE must be seriously wrong with me.

What started out as an afternoon with a 6" DA sander over the entire deuce has turned into a quest that has used up over 12 wire wheels at 20,000 rpm, 20 cans of self etch and Rusty Metal primer, and many many many hours of my life. I tell you what, it is relaxing to put on headphones, turn on pandora, put on proper PPE (respirator/longsleeve/safety glasses/ear muffs/steel toes), and get to town with a wire wheel at 20,000 rpm. After a few months the deuce is really starting to take on a personality that doesn't resemble something from the Sanford & Son TV show. I wire wheel a section down to bare metal. Next I blow it clear of dust. I wipe the section with lacquer thinner and chase that with shop air so the thinner doesn't soak into the panel. After that flashes off I spray self etch primer. For the chassis I let the self etch primer cure and then I shot Rusty Metal primer over the self etch. Some time in April I hope to bring the deuce to my buddy's house to get fully primed and 2 coats of top coat. We shall see!

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