Intercooler Mods

The Freightliner radiator/intercooler combo has been a royal PITA to work with. Sure it's oversized for this application, so that's why I like it. They were both sized for a 30,000 lb GVWR vehicle.

I started off by mocking up the radiator/intercooler combo into the engine bay. Everything stuck up too high and the hood looked ridiculous. I slotted the radiator/intercooler mounting block stud holes in the frame. This pushed the combo back towards the engine 1/2 inch. It looked much better. I couldn't go any further or the fan would contact the radiator. I needed more room below the hood so I took the intercooler to a local fab shop and they trimmed the top 3 rows out of the intercooler. They even pressure tested the intercooler for me. I installed the intercooler one last time. The final touch was to paint the end tanks flat black. It came out real nice. There still may be some hood trimming involved after I test fit the engine side covers later.

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