Hydroboost (Split) Brake System

Time to ditch the single master cylinder that powered all 3 of the original Deuce axle drum brakes. It may have been top notch in 1953 when the Deuce was born, but it's gotta go!

I purchased a complete Hydroboost brake assembly from Power Brake Service in California. Sure it's pricey, but the equipment is all brand new and it was designed to fit the specs that I gave them for the Deuce. I told them I had 2001 F550 (15") disc brakes front/rear and my GVWR would be 19,500 lbs. This will give me enough capacity for whatever trailer I need to pull. I downloaded a Hydroboost system diagram from FFcars.net. This helped me plumb the system because nothing came with the Hydroboost kit as far as directions or a manual. I mounted the Hydroboost pedal bracket to the left of the steering shaft that came with the Waterloo Specialties power steering kit. I wanted to put the Hydroboost bracket on the passenger side of the steering shaft, but the Hydroboost unit interfered with the engine. I installed the Hydroboost unit and checked for final hood clearance. No issues there. Once I installed the bracket and brake pedal assembly I needed to address the pedal location problem. I brought the brake pedal arm to a local metal fabriator and they used their 150 ton break to bend the pedal arm to my specs. They didn't even charge me. Huh. Next up was the installation of a Lokar accelerator pedal assembly. Ain't she cute? It connects to a Lokar cable assembly that attaches to the Cummins 6BT injection pump. Very easy install that required only 1 hole to be drilled in the firewall. Once that was installed the Hydroboost hoses were all routed. I connected the high pressure hoses to the Cummins 6BT power steering pump, steering rack, and I ran the low pressure hoses back to the reservoir with a tee fitting.

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