Fuel System Mods

I decided to build a fuel system for the Cummins 6BT that would never need to be replaced. Corrosion what? Rubber who? First step was to remove the factory Deuce 50 gallon diesel fuel tank off the side of the frame rail. I then pulled the in-tank 24v lift pump and installed supply and return bulkhead tubing fittings. I chose 1/2" tubing for the supply and 3/8" tubing for the return & vent lines. The wall thickness for both tubing sizes is 0.035". Since the in-tank 24v lift pump will no longer be used I unplugged it and then installed a siphon tube to just above the bottom of the diesel fuel tank. I ran the supply/return tubing through the frame and up to the driver side of the Cummins 6BT engine. I then switched to clear, braided PVC tubing for the supply and return so I could check for air bubbles and the diesel fuel consistency at any time by just opening the driver side engine panel. The braided PVC is A rated for diesel so no issues in the future.

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