Flag Pole Mount

Veteran's Day 2015 is fast approaching. Time to honor our veterans and our country by flying an American flag the proper way on my bobbed deuce.

A trip to the local Lowe's and I picked up an American flag, a stick of black iron pipe, and a handful of wire lock pins to hold everything in place. My buddy John installed everything, and he even upgraded my cast 3/4" coupling with a much nicer coupling he had laying around his shop. The proper location to fly an American flag on a military vehicle is the front bumper on the passenger side. A hole was drilled on the top lip of the front bumper. I removed the paint and John welded the 3/4" coupling in place. The black iron pipe was trimmed to an overall height of 12 ft from the ground. Don't forget to drill a hole inside the coupling on the bottom lip of the front bumper to drain any water out. We currently don't have any method of storing the flag pole, but our plan is to use the wire lock pins to fasten the flag pole under the M105A2 bed. Although the black iron pipe is very strong the flag would not be able to withstand freeway speeds for long. I will only install the flag for parade use at slow speeds. My first Veteran's Day parade will be 11/08/15 in Port Allen, LA. The Walker, LA parade for 11/07/15 was cancelled due to rain.

Lowe's parts:
- Independence Flag 36"x60" American Flag #83954
- Black Iron Pipe 3/4"x10' #313570
- (3) Hillman Wire Lock Pins 1/4"x2" #218513

Miscellaneous parts:
- 3/4" pipe coupling

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