Painted the Cummins 6BT engine

Finally found time to make the engine look like it belongs in the Deuce engine bay. It looked like a pile of scrap for the longest time!

I started off by replacing the oil pan because the salt had taken its toll and it wasn't worthy of repair. I removed the turbocharger & exhaust manifold assembly and I painted them together. My choice of engine paint is Dupli-Color Cummins Beige (#DE1638), and the exhaust manifold received several coats of VHT Flameproof header paint. Both paints can be found at O'Reilly's. While I had the turbocharger/exhaust manifold off the engine I decided to drill/tap for the EGT (pyrometer) probe. I removed the custom Black Rock Fab bellhousing mounts from the engine bay and I blasted & painted them. The factory Deuce air can assembly was looking horrid so I took it to work and blasted it thoroughly. To contrast the Cummins Beige I decided to paint some of the engine bay pieces in flat black. I purchased a new belt tensioner, water pump and belt from Freightliner. A few tedious minutes of masking off the belt tensioner & water pump ended up with a badass paint job on them. The engine looks so much better now. I can't wait to see & hear it run!

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