Disc Brake Conversion (Front/Rear)

I don't think my deuce has been on the road since early September. Modifications keep getting completed, but I need seat time to really enjoy the truck. My latest mod is ditching the stock drum brakes and installing a set of custom disc brakes from Black Rock Fab. I'm really glad I decided to do this mod because my Timken wheel bearings were all showing signs of wear in their races (cups). I don't know how old they were, but water and other contaminants had severly degraded the grease. In the rear axle the outer bearings had so little grease it was as if they were being lubricated by the rear differential fluid!

I sourced a set of custom brake lines to adapt from the factory 7/16"-24 tees including new bulkhead fittings for the front axle, and banjo connectors for the factory 2001 F550 rear caliper banjo bolts (3/8") at all 4 corners. The company is E.L. Johnston, Inc., but they are found by visiting www.Brake-Hose.com. Very inexpensive for custom brake lines, and they start fabricating your lines the same day! Calling someone in California for a quote like Classic Industries would have resulted in having to wait 6-8 weeks for custom brake lines and the cost was ridiculous! The brake lines from E.L. Johnston, Inc. are D.O.T. rated, and they are tested to 3000 psi before they are shipped to you. I remember reading somewhere that your average panic stop would only generate about 1800 psi of brake pressure. Plenty of safety factor left in there for pressure (1.67).

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