Bed Toolbox

You can never have enough storage for spare parts, tools, fluids, etc. on a military vehicle. My deuce was no exception. Although I have a handful of toolboxes I soon found out that I needed yet another one for more tools.

Home Depot carries a Rigid job-site toolbox that's made by KNAACK. The model number is 2048-OS. Only negative feedback I could find is when a moron or two would buy the wrong locks for the toolbox. Don't get me wrong some even bought the correct locks, but I guess they didn't know how to adjust the little u-bolts that hold the locks in place? No issues here. I'm not going to show you how I anchored the toolbox down to the bed. I will leave that up to your imagination. Let's just say the potential thief will have to bring lots of his/her own tools to get the box off. With multiple video cameras pointed at the truck and big dogs around I doubt they will have time to break open the lid. I added my own reinforcements there as well.

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