Batteries & Cables

Well, after over a year of sitting without any action the 2 farm batteries in the deuce were shot. I don't own a battery charger. How said is that? I got a few battery maintainers, but I only use them on the lawnmower and my kit car (sold a few years ago). The farm batteries in the deuce both failed a load test at O'Reilly's. Typical answer from the tester (anywhere you go): probably a dead cell.

I researched the SteelSoldiers forum to see what others had used. Nothing really suited my fancy so I drove down to the local O'Reilly's to see what they had. I drove away with 2 new Super Start Extreme batteries. $145 each. Ouch! Part number 65EXT. Group size 65. Cold Cranking Amps 850. Cranking Amps 1035. Length 12". Width 7-3/8". Height 7-5/8". 3 year limited warranty.

For battery cables I went to a local stereo shop and they sent me to one in Baton Rouge that had the best cable around. I was wearing a hat so they couldn't see SUCKER written on my forehead, but maybe my wife called them before I got there. $10 per foot for true 0 gauge wiring from Memphis. I took it TWICE today without lube. More on that later. A buddy down the street let me borrow his wire crimping tool that uses a hammer as the motive force. I bet it would give one helluva tattoo! Lastly I modified the factory deuce battery tray to hold the new (expensive) batteries a little better than a ratchet strap and a prayer.

*Replaced both batteries on 07/03/20

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