DIY Fording Kit

The people at Lowe's are beginning to talk to me on a first name basis. I made another trip and picked up 8 feet of 1" ID x 1.375" OD reinforced clear PVC tubing w/polyester braid. This will allow me to connect the air compressor intake to the air filter housing. Yet another step to preparing my Deuce for over 8 feet of water crossing!

I took yet another trip to Lowe's for more Watts compression fittings. I added a vent line to the transfer case, and I connected it with the transmission vent and axle vent system.

I decided to add a slobber tube to my bobbed deuce because it was not equipped with one when I bought it in Georgia last year. Autozone came to the rescue with a flexible exhaust repair kit. Next up on the mod list was to replace my existing axle vents with a vent system that purges into the air filter housing under the hood.

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