12v + 24v Systems

12/11/14 - 02/03/15
I hated wiring up to this point in my life. My little British kit car (Megabusa for those Google fanatics) took almost 80 hours to wire from the ground up. I had an instrument engineer help me with most of the work on that electrical project. I was dredding doing all of this wiring by myself. Not only did I have to worry about the 24 volt wiring to match up with the factory Deuce system, but now I had to work with a separate 12 volt system for most of the accessories I wanted to add! After many many many discussions with local wiring gurus, electrical engineers and general automotive nuts I devised a plan. Go overboard on the damn thing and don't look back!

I ended up going with Blue Sea Systems components for the fuse blocks and breakers. I used Ametek relays and Memphis for the large electrical wiring. All of the dash gauges are Autometer except the ISSPro tachometer. John Allison fabricated the instrument panel. I take pride in coming up with the solution on my own for the terminal strips behind the gauges. It really simplified all of the connections. The coolest part is when I throw the main switch on the dash of the Deuce all four (4) of the Ametek relays hit at once. It sounds like somebody hitting the back of the Deuce cab with a sledge hammer. Everything 12v is tied back to the 12v auxiliary fuse panel, and the same goes for all 24v back to the corresponding 24v fuse panel. No parasitic draw here folks. If the main switch isn't on the batteries will not go dead because there ain't a load.

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